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Warm Audio

creates modern reproductions of

legendary studio classics without

compromising quality and design

parameters. Warm Audio faithfully

reproduces the circuitry,components

and overall legacy of these vintage circuits, making it possible for more studios than ever to own legitimate versions of the most desirable studio equipment ever invented.


Implementing Warm Audio technology into your mixes will reintroduce classic

warm tones, realism, and a thickness

to your mixes that will be a shocking improvement over any digital or
software technology.



Vanguard Audio Labs'

mission is simple – make great tools

to help you make great music. And to

do that, we’re combining vintage design acumen with the latest aerospace engineering technology to bring you outstanding recording tools that will outperform rivals several times their

cost – at a price that won’t break

your bank account. From hand-tuned capsule through cryo-treated signal

path to custom-wound transformer, every mic is designed to give you

high-end sound at an unbeatable

price. Our R&D process is exhaustive,

including hundreds of hours of listening by our team and the finely-tuned ears of Grammy winning industry veterans.



Give Micworks a call for a test drive,
you won’t be sorry.


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